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Thank you for attending AMTC at Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona. CE's are provided to you as a service of the IAFCCP. A CE certificate will be emailed to you before January 30, 2019. If you have any questions about this process please contact the IAFCCP office at 770-979-6372

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** It is recomended that you submit for all 3 days at once. **

Advanced EKG Review
Air Documentation Compliance Essentials
Air goes in, Air goes out
Air Medical's Love Hate
Bodies of Evidence
Bull in a China Shop
Checklist Absurdity
Crazy, Hot Hiring
ETCO2 On the Go
Facilitating a NICU Evacuation
From Behind the Mic
Gone in 60 days
How to read the Med. Lit.
How to successfully
Human Factors
In The Crosshairs
Intralipid Use
Invasive Hemodynamic
Labs are your friends
Long Distance Relationships
Maintaining Positive Trajectory
Media Relations 2.0
Navigating the post-crash landscape
Pediatric Trauma Triage
Shake Rattle & Roll
Stop the World
Take the Money and Run
The HeART of Critical Care Edu
There and Back Again
Unintentional Expertise
What are Biologics and Biosimilars?
What's wrong with my pilot?
When Pressure to Fly gets Personal
When Your Pilot knows Too Much
Who's At the Controls?
Who's Behind that mask
Whole Blood Protocol
Why Can't I Be Involved?
A Call For Collaboration
A Tale of Two Balloons
Airway Management
Assessing Fitness for Duty
Attacking ARDS from the Flanks
Cameras in the cockpit
Charlie Fox Cric
Chest Compressions in Flight
Common Legal Issues
Experiences are the Best Teachers
Get this truck off me!
Getting the answers you want
How Group Think
IAFCCP Cadaver Lab
Infection Prevention Jeopardy
Let Me Tell You My Stories
Mayday! Mayday!
Modernizing HEMS
nattentional Blindness
Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
On the Bleeding Edge
Our Airmedical Community
Patients First
Personal Preparations
Putting all the Pieces Together
Recipe for Success
Safety Culture
Sex, Drugs, & Rock'N'Roll
So, We're Awesome
Stroke Care
Tactical Trauma Response
Taming the Starfish of Death
The Miracle of Life
The Top Ten List
The Young Arrest
There's an app for that!
Trading Places
Transitioning from 24 Hour Shifts
Traumatic Bradycardia
Trust, Transparency, and EDP
What Got You Here
Wizard of Oddz
A Flight Team's Experience
Built out of Necessity
Can You Hear Me Now?
Cardiac Assist Devices
Creating a Survival Challenge
Critical Care Approach to Mechanical
ECMO: Bringing Lifesaving Therapy to the Bedside
Getting to the Heart
How to Build a Neonatal Flight Nurse Program
Implementing an Effective Airway Course
It's So Real!
Out of the Woods
Patient Advocacy Through Documentation
Quality Management
Serial Inebriates
So Now You're Responsible
Surviving an Incident
The Next Step in Fatigue Recognition
Tick Tock Goes the Clock
Time Outs and Ground EMS
Traps and Tricks of Intra-Aoritic
Using Music Therapy
Venomous Snakebites
What Actions do you take
When Less is More
Wings to Wheels
Yes, You Can Write