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48-hr Backcountry Survival Challenge: Got Skills?!?!
A Potpourri of Critical Care
Accident Avoidance for Clinicians
Auto Rotations: Reality Exposed
Dashboards and Cockpits: Navigating Success by Designing Your Own Business Analytic Dashboard
Developing an Effective Emergency Response Plan
FirstNet: 21st Century Communications for air medical services
Flight Recording for 135.607 Deadline – What Do I Really need?
I’ll Take A Successful Survey For 500 Alex!
Implementing an RSI Time-Out
Improving TeleStroke Care
Is Your Patient In Shock? If So, Fix It!
Little Hearts/Big Challenges: Hemodynamic Management of Infants
Making the Positives and Negatives of Electrolytes and Acid-Base Add Up
Making the Workplace Great Again: A Dramatic Story Of A Cultural Transformation Of A HEMS Program
Management of a Difficult Airway A Case Study
Mommy, My Head Hurts : Pediatric Neurologic Emergencies
More Than “Just the Shakes”: Real Alcohol Emergencies
Neonatal Emergencies, It’s The Little Things…..
New Ways to Determine Ischemia in LBBB
New Zealand Airforce Helicopter Down
No Stroke Left Behind
Not Just A Kid Problem Anymore: Transporting Adults With Congenital Heart Disease
OSI-HEMS: Its Not How Safe You Fly, Its How you Fly Safe
Out of Afghanistan: Case Reviews of Critical Transports
Overtriage! It is OK to Make a Mistake
Oxygen, It is a DRUG!
Pain is Not Normal-Rethinking Injury Prevention for Air Medical Providers
Peri-Intubation Hypotension: What To Consider Before You Pick Up Your Laryngoscope
Precision Medicine and the Future of Air Medical Transport
Redesigning Communications: People, Equipment & Technology
Rock it like Sully! CRM tools we can take away from the Miracle on the Hudson
Sepsis, What’s Time Got To Do With It?
Sharpening the Cutting Edge: The partnership of QA and Education Programs
Shocked! A Case Study of High a Voltage Electrical Injury
The Other Side of the Radio: the Experience of a Seasoned Flight RN as a Rookie Flight Coordinator
The Silent Killer! Ventilation of the Metabolic Patient: A Case Study
Training in Retrieval Medicine
Why Do Smart Pilots Make Dumb Decisions? An investigation into 4 real world crashes…
Why Does Neonatal/Pediatric Transports Have To Be So Difficult To Dispatch?
Windows to the Heart Ultrasound use in Acute Coronary Syndromes and Cardiac Arrest
Worst Case Scenario: A review of Pediatric Traumatic Arrest
You Survived The Crash, Now What?
5 to Go: 1 to Say No
Activation App: Does it really make a Difference
Alphabet Soup of Stroke Assessment in the Acute Stroke Patient
Anger Management: Principles for Assessing and Managing the Combative or Potentially Combative Patient
Every Breath You Take: Modes of Mechanical Ventilation and The Mechanical Breath Profile
Evolve or Die, Changing Your Communications Center And Planning For The Future
Flying Elvis: Transport Considerations for the Patient with a Trach
Helmet Fire
HEMS in SAR Operations
Hocus POCUS: Beyond the FAST exam… Next Level Aeromedical Ultrasound Applications
Impact of Ineffective Leadership – How to Grow Your Program and Not Hurt Your People.
Initiation of a Brain Dead Transplant Donor Transport Program
Is the HEAVEN assessment the new LEMON?
Lessons Learned From 25 Years on a Rescue Helicopter in New Zealand
Lets Make Like and Tree and Get Outta Here!
Literature Review for Neonatology and Pediatric Critical Care
Logistic Considerations for ECMO Transports
LUCAS Device in Flight
Making The Transition to Your Own Operator’s Certificate
My Patient is A Crime Scene: Evidence Preservation 101
Now be honest…. Have you been there?
Pediatric Trauma…. is not always accidental
Push or Pump? A Primer on Push-Dose Pressors
Remembering Maslow: Developing Successful Employee Recognition Programs
Respiratory Management of the Pediatric Neuromuscular Patient 2.0: Keeping Raggedy Ann & Andy from Getting Intubated
The Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Transport Setting: What is a CNS?
The Next Outbreak: How Well do We Disinfect Our Medical Equipment and Transport Vehicles?
The Top Ten List: Articles from 2016-2017 That May Influence Your Practice
The Unconventional ECMO Adventure- 2 Case Studies & Subsequent Program Development
Tight head? An Etc02 of 40 with a square wave form may not be a good thing
Today’s Heroin Epidemic
Traumatically Injured Necks: Where’s the leak and how to stop it
Ups & Downs of BP Management in Head Injuries
Use of an Education Committee to Develop and Maintain Staff Competencies for a Neonatal/Pediatric Critical Care Transport Team
Valuation: The Market and Driving Value to Your Business
Vasopressin: Who, When, Why and How
We’ve Got an App for That: Phase Two-the Web-based Version
What to Expect When You’re Expecting
When Two Hearts Collide: The Transport of Intubated Conjoined Twins
Work/Life Imbalance – Tipping The Scales To Find A True Work/Life Balance In Air Medical Management
Writing for Publication
Air Medical Photography – Visual Stories From Our Community
Altitude Effects on HEMS Personnel & Patients: Lessons Learned on Denali
Dammit Maverick, Engage! A Journey Focused on Increasing Employee Engagement.
Do Your PEST: The Evidence Leading to Airway Management (Not Intubation) Success
Error Medical Adventures
Fearless Analgesia, Sedation and Induction: Customizing Your Approach in Tough Situations
Flight Data Monitoring: Creating, Managing and Utilizing
Flip it…Classroom Style
From Tragedy to Recovery, Anatomy of the Mercy Air Med Crash- 1/2/2013
Got Drugs?
Grounded, Medically That Is, Until Further Notice
Helicopter Air Ambulance And Weather Related Accidents
I’ve Been Exposed To…WHAT? Post-Exposure Management Of Infectious Diseases
IAFCCP Simulation Lab
Inside Out: The Anatomy of a Transport
It Takes a Village…Adult CPS transports
It’s all in the Numbers: Implementing a Sepsis Scoring Tool and Treatment Pathway for your Pediatric Patients
It’s All the Rave: Adolescent Street Drugs
It’s just a ventilator: Fielding a new ventilator in a multi-disciplinary CCT program
It’s So Real it Will Make You Squeal!! Hands on Anatomical Cardiopulmonary Lab
Let’s Agree to Disagree to Make Good Crew Decisions
Mobilizing, Mechanically Ventilating and Medicating the Morbidly Obese Patient
Out Of The Sim Lab And Into the Ship- Live Helicopter Simulation
Pre-E: Not a Course at you Local University
Pre-Flight Your Social Media: Plan to Respond Effectively and Successfully
Preventing Death in Custody Dealing with Agitated Delirium
Putting Professionalism Back into Aviation Decision Making!
Research Update – The Wizard of Oddz: A Statistical Analysis of HEMS Accidents and Risk
Safety Culture: How We Lead
Shades of Gray: Medical Ethics and Transport
Something Wicked This Way Comes…Mind the Gap! Emerging Trends in Toxicology
Taking TXA Beyond Trauma
The Bloody and Viscous Trauma Triad of Death
The Less Common Aircraft Brings the Rarest Syndromes!
Too Sick for Transfer: Our Failure, Our Fallacy
Transport Hemodynamics: Do You Know Your Numbers and Lines?
Traumatic Arrest: when ACLS just isn’t enough
Unintended Outcomes – Navigating the Space Between Impulse and Aversion
Video Laryngoscopy: Why Should I Care?
Waveform Capnography for the Win
What’s New in Emergency Airway Management
What’s That APP: Applications for Transport Clinicians
You Only Get Three: Selecting Lab Values With Meaning For Five Critical Patients
You Want Me To Transport WHAT? A Series Of Pediatric Transport Stories